sdcard 4gb doesnt work

Oke so i got a sansa fuze sd card 4gb but it wont load it doesnt work it doesnt respond too all not on my computer on on the device itself.what should or can i do? it wont read it as a external disk.any advice here?Thanks in advance

try the card on other devices… it might be the card that has an issue…

Have you tried MSC mode? You should be able to drag & drop files to either the player or the card in either (MTP or MSC), but a lot of people have issues with Auto or MTP.

Another thing to check is that the card is inserted properly. It’s a spring-loaded push-push mechanism. Push it in till the top edge of the card is just past the opening in the case. You’ll hear a faint ‘click’. Release it and the card will come back out ever so slightly and ‘click’ again when it is locked in. Do the same to remove it.