MicroSDHC Card / Fuze help please


8GB Sansa Fuze is not reading 4GB SanDisk Micro SDHC Card. Also the card is not showing up in my computer, when in the Fuze. I keep getting Please insert a disk into drive L:. pop up. The card is formatted Fat32 and is not defective. Fuze is updated to newest firmware. This is the 1st time I am using a card with the Fuze. Any help appreciated.

Thank you

Is the card properly inserted?  Try cycling the µSD card in the socket.

When locked in place, the card should be essentially flush with the outside edge of the socket, protruding less than 1mm.  Check that the card “clicks” lightly, and releases on its spring loaded guide when pressed gently with the fingertip.  Brand-new cards sometimes need to be cycled once to ensure a proper fit; sometimes there is a wee bit of interference at the card edge.

Turn on the Fuze, and go to Settings > System Settings > Info.

Look at the memory display.  It should list both the internal memory and then the µSD card.  It is there?  Plug in to the PC again and see if the card lists.  Open a Windows Explorer window, and see if the Fuze displays:

In MSC mode, the Fuze will list as two drives.  The second one listed alphabetically is the card.  In MTP mode, double click on the Fuze, and you will see two drives displayed as Internal Memory.

In Windows Media Player, the Fuze will display when the Sync tab is selected.  If you click, in the upper right, “next device”, the µSD card will show up next.

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Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Thanks Bob,

I was afraid I was going to break something. Push until click. Got it. It’s different than sliding in a SD card like on the E130. 



I was hoping that it was something so simple.  When releasing the µSD card, press lightly with your nail, and you’ll hear a soft click as the card is released.  If the card is pressed too hard, the lock mechanism can be damaged.

These mechanisms are reliable, actually the same as push on / push off switches- and those work for thousands of cycles!

Glad you can now load some more music!

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Was wondering if any of you had the chance to try a 16GB microSD card. Does it work slower or just as normal?  :smiley: