Sansa Fuze 8G no longer recognizing SanDisk external memory and locks up if I try to used it.

I have an 8G Fuze and recently purchased a SanDisk 8GB Micro SD HC.  I had loaded movies and music on the SanDisk via Rhapsody.   Everything was working fine until a couple of weeks ago.   My PC no longer sees the external memory, either through Rhapsody or through my desk top.  Additionally if I plug the card in and turn the fuze on - it freezes and will not finish turning on.  

In reading through the postings I have tried the following with these results:

Re formated Fuze - still does not recognize san disk external card

changed settings to Mtp - no changes to pc or fuze

changed settings to msc - no changes to fuze - pc shows an additional “external” drive but unable to do any thing - states “insert disk” when selected from my computer.

Not sure if it is the Sandisk 8gb or the fuze.

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Did you try re-formatting the micro SD card? If not, try that. Unplug it and reinsert it. See if it’s recognized then.

Run a CHKDSK on the micro SD card before you do that. That could fix the problem.

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I do not know how if I cannot get my PC or Fuze to recognize it.  when I set the fuze to MSC my PC shows there is an additional external drive, however when I attempt to format the drive it states “insert disk” although it is inserted into my fuse.  (By the way I forgot to mention I am running Vista if that helps.)   I do not have another external usb drive to put the micro disk to reformat it.

thanks for any info…

It might be worth it to get a card reader, if you don’t already have one so you can see if the card is recognized by your computer sans Sansa player.

This would narrow down whether the problem lies with the card or the Fuze.

Does the Fuze turn on normally without the card inserted?

And are you sure the card is all the way in, clicked in? 

Can you see if something else will read the card–a cell phone, a camera, your computer through a reader? 

When I had this problem with my Fuze I ended up re-formatting the Fuze, which you say you have done.

You could also upgrade or downgrade the firmware by following the manual instructions in the Firmware Update note: Just get the file (x.x.26 if possible), unzip it and put the fuzea.bin file in the root directory (the Sansa driveletter). It will say it’s updating the firmware when you disconnect.

And yes, it could be the card. And it could be the card slot–which is what I thought my problem was until I formatted. 

If either one is the problem, you’re going to have to replace the broken hardware. But that’s what I thought I was going to have to do until the Format and firmware fixed mine, so don’t give up yet. 

Doh! Sorry about that. That makes sense. Can’t check it or format it if the computer can’t see it.

Tapeworm has a good point about checking to see if a different device, like a card reader will work with the card on your computer. You could even use something like digital camera if it will take an SD card you could insert it into the camera then plug your camera into the computer and see if the OS can see the card then.

You could try asking a friend or a friendly computer store person if they could plug the card into something to see if card works. Or plug the Fuze, with the card inserted, into another computer and see if it works. Maybe a friend or friendly neighbor would let you do that.

Also, if you have another SD card or can borrow one, plug it into the Fuze and see if you have the same problem.

What we want to do here is determine if it’s the card, the fuze or your computer that’s messing up.

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Ok - tried placing the card in my cell phone (forgot my cell had that option!).  Phone did not recognize it either.   Guess my card is pooped.   I will buy another one and see if that works. 

Thanks for everyone’s input.  This forum has been helpful in helping me solve other minor issues as well as this one.  

I had a similar problem. The card was not recognized in my pc in an adaper in the card slot, or by the computer when in the Fuze in MSC mode. I then remembered that there were some files on the card that I transfered in MTP mode. I changed my Fuze to mtp, inserted the card, connected the Fuze to my pc, then used my pc to delete all the mtp files on the card. I then disconnected the Fuze, changed the Fuze back to msc, and reconnected to the pc. Now the pc recognized the card in the Fuze. The card was also recognizable by the pc in an adapter in the card slot.

Hey, a big confirmation for JK98. Please try his steps.

I forgot about that situation. That has also happened to me, when I let Windows Media Player and MTP do what they wanted when I wasn’t looking.

The cell phone might not be the best test.  Some cell phones simply may not handle 8GB cards–check if yours has a limit. 

Bought a new card and it is working now on the fuze.   I will get an adapter to test the card.  Thanks JK & BR great ideas.