Problem with 16gb micro sdhc card

My 8gb Fuze and 8gb micro sdhc card were about full, so I bought a Dane-Elec 16gb card. Transferred the files from the 8gb card to the 16gb card. Put the 16gb card in the Fuze. Fuze recognized the card, showed it about half full, files played fine. Transferred the files from the internal mamory to the 16gb card. Now the Fuze is frozen when I turn it on. When I plug the Fuze into my computer, it recognizes the Fuze but not the card. When I put the card in an SD adapter and plug that into the computer it works fine. Any ideas why the card isn’t working or recognized by the Fuze?

My Fuze just failed this way too–and I’ve tried reformatting the 8GB card, reinstalling firmware, and putting a different card in the slot (which also freezes the Fuze although it works fine in my E260). My card is even recognized in the Fuze via MSC connection, but still freezes it. 

I think the slot just gives out after a while.  And I don’t even do much card-swapping.

Does it play fine (as mine does) with no card inserted?

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Yes, it works fine with no card installed. It also works fine with the original 8gb card reinstalled. Just not with the new 16 gb card.

That suggests two possibilities:

  1. Card going bad. No easy solution.

  2. Incompatible file.

Your computer is a lot more flexible about files than the Sansa is.

Run error-checking (connect, right-click on the card, Properties/Tools/Error-checking) just in case a file got corrupted in the transfer.

Even in a good file, the Fuze just doesn’t like some ID3 tags that your computer can read easily. And something may have been altered during the transfer.

If Error-checking doesn’t find anything, it might still be worth it to take off the most recent bunch of files you transferred and see if the card works again. That would tell you which batch of files to examine for problems. 

Time-consuming as it is, you might also Format the card (to FAT32) and transfer a few albums at a time. 

You could use a process of elimination to find the obstacle. Transfer half the files, see if they work, then the other half to see if it crashes. 

Then half of the other half. Etc.  If you can narrow it down, get mp3tag (a free program) and look closely at the ID3 tags. There might be artwork imbedded in Comments, for instance,  or foreign characters that make the Fuze choke.