Compatibility with 16gb microSDHC

I’m having issues with a 16gb microSDHC card, maybe someone can help.

Basically it works okay (slow - only class 2) on my v01 4gb Fuze, but won’t

work at all on my friends v02 8gb Fuze.  If the card is put in the whole thing

locks up.  And its not the slot it seems, because his Fuze works fine with

smaller cards, just not the 16gb.  Any suggestions?

I’m running version 2 and a 16GB card with no problems.

Is the player turned off when you insert the card?

I don’t know if V1 models read cards differently than V2 or not.

My guess is that this problem may be related to  MTP mode transferred files on the card. I guess if you put the card in your Fuze, connect your Fuze to your pc and delete all the files on it(or format the card), then the card will probably work okay in the other mp3 player.

Hey guys I’ve got a 8gb Fuze running 01.02.31a. I would like to get a 16gb micro sd card. Will there be any issues with this or am I good to go? Thanks!

No issues, except that the Fuze has an 8,000 song limit(which could be even lower if you use very long filenames, tags names, folder names, or have excessive folder nesting) This probably won’t affect you if you use a bitrate of 192 kbps or higher and your average song length is at lest 4 minutes. If you use a smaller bitrate though, or use 192 kbps and have songs that are on average very short, then the player might not see all the songs on your card.

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Unfortunately I did try using MSC and MTP modes.  No luck.  I think I’m gonna assume this 16gb is defective and I was just lucky at first with it on my Fuze.  Unfortunately don’t have another 16gb currently to try in friend’s Fuze to confirm at least some do work.

You formatted the card then put it into the other mp3 player and it didn’t work? Did you put it in the player when the player was off? Inserting or removing a card when the player is on can cause problems.

Thanks for the help!

Yeah, I put it in when the player was off.  That was how we knew something was wrong.  On my 4gb, no real issues, but if it was in his 8gb, didn’t matter how it was setup, formatted or not, the player would lockup when it was turned on.  Never get past the 4-part logo.