SD Card will not work with new Fuze

Hi everyone!

I am a new oner of the lovely Fuze and am very impressed so far.  I ordered a San Disk Micro SD (it says HC underneath, does that make a difference?).  I cannot get it to work at all.  When I turn on the Fuze it just freezes with the card in.  I have reformatted the card, the Fuze, downloaded the latest firmware, checked the card in my phone and it is ok.

I am at my wits end now and am close to throwing it out of the window!! 

If anyone can help me would be greatly appreciated xxxxxx


Sounds to me like

a.) Defective card, or

b.) Counterdeit card, or

c.) Defective Card slot in Fuze

Since it apparently works OK in your phone, logic would dictate (my favorite Spockism) that there’s possibly a problem with your Fuze. I’d call SanDisk Tech Support. If they confirm that and it’s still under warranty, they can set you up with a replacement. Or you may be able to exchange it or get a replacement through whereever you bought it from quicker.

I’d still call Tech Support first though.