SD Card no longer readable on phone or Windows

A very unusual thing happened to my SD card today. I’ve had it around 3 years, and have been using it on two phones, the most recent being a Nokia C5. I have an adapter that I use to insert it into the computer, and it’s worked fine all this time. then today, I tried to put the card into the computer, and windows asked me if I wanted to format it… I clicked cancel, as I didn’t want to delete all my pictures and videos from the phone. but i wasn’t able to get into the card, so I took it out and put it back in the phone… and the phone won’t read it either. I turn the phone on and I get a message saying “memory full” and in “gallery” it says 0 pictures. the weird thing however is that when I switch the phone on, the startup picture (which I’m pretty sure is stored on the memory card) still displays, but then the background image fails to load.

So now neither Windows nor the phone can read this card, and I fear I’ve lost what’s on it… is there anything I can do? Has this problem happened to anyone else? Is it just old and reached the end of its natural lifespan?

Even I faced the same problem two days back… I remember first time when I connected 2gb SD memory card to computer (through card reader) it was working fine then suddenly it got disconnected (without doing eject). When I tried to connect SD memory card to computer again I am getting a message to format the memory card for further use. I was getting the same message in mobile too. I think if I do format memory card will work fine but I want to recover data from it.

How to recover data from memory card???

Hello octavian,

This is a common problem which often occurs due to errors with the file system, which is also called format error. Sometimes using same SD card in multiple devices also leads to format error. No need to worry even after getting format error, you can recover files and pictures stored in your card using memory card recovery software.

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