Memory card not deteced by mobile or computer.

Hi… My Sandisk Micro SDHC (4GB) mobile memory card could not be detected by mobile or computer… Please tell me the solution…

Is the card known to work in anything? Is it new? is your phone and/or computer SD or SDHC compliant?

Many older devices and computers will read the SD format, but not the SDHC (4GB & larger) format. There’s a Microsoft update that will take care of that so your computer will read it; you will have to check your phone’s specs and/or website to see if it can be upgraded.

I just bought a new Sandisk Micro SDHC (4GB) mobile memory card  but could not be detected by mobile or computer. What seems to be the matter?

Did you read the post directly above yours?

8gb memory card not recognised by computer, what should i do next?

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8gb memory card not recognised by computer, what should i do next?

Give more details if you really want help or serious replies.

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I am having this same problem. I have been able to use this same SD previously on this computer and I don’t believe it’s outdated or anything, but the PC does absolutely nothing when I plug it in. I open My Computer and it only lists the C: and D: drives

I have a 2 gb sandisk memory card. it came in a pack with two different sized adapters that the memory card can slip into, depending on what size is compatible with your computer (i did not know that this is what you do with the memory card). i was keeping the tiny memory card in my phone (LG choc 8500), while plugging the charger cord (which doubles as the usb cable) into my computer. alas, that did nothing. more frustration–thinking it must be that i don’t have the right “software” to run to access my photos and doing many searches for the “right” software solution… then the discovery with inserting the memorycard into the adapter (on my laptop, it’s at the front below the touchpad-very sly sneaky place). then, after, again, nothing happening, searching forums on other lost memory card-ers, i discovered that there is a very tiny “switch” on the left of the adapter, next to the “S” on sandisc, that must be flipped down in order to “work,” or grant photo/media access. a prompt came up on my screen asking me to choose which program to run/open the photos on (for me, it was windows media center), and to my relief, all my photos were there! i hope this helps.

I have a couple of ideas…

  1. Check your mobile phone and computer are both compatible (though they should be…,)
  2. Clean the micro sd card
  3. Make sure its properly inserted
  4. Turn it the other way round


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  1. Turn it the other way round


Are you serious? The cards will only go in one way.


umm… what is the name of the windows program u mentioned in that first post u made on this topic? i really need it.

umm. . . who r u addressing and what windows program are u referring to? in looking back, i don’t see any program mentioned and there’s 7 other people who have posted in this thread.

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hi sir my new mobile micro sd tm card is not format  and not open by mobile and compture

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@ravinder wrote:

hi sir my new mobile micro sd tm card is not format  and not open by mobile and compture

All memory cards come formatted from the factory.

Hey there, I don’t know if this is the right thread but it seems so…

Got an HTC HD2 with a micro SDHC 4Gb which was working excellent until… today. After I removed the card (just without a reason) and put it back again, the phone is prompting me to format it in order to be able to read it. If I try to read it in my netbook (windows 7), it’s not appearing at all in “my computer” folder and in my XP laptop getting a prompt “disk is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?”. I have lots of info in it and I hope there is a solution. Thanks a lot.

The same thing happened to me this morning.  I have a Droid X.  This morning a notification came up that the SD card is blank.  Everything was fine when I went to bed last night.  I hope there is a solution to retrieve the data on the card.


Dear sir ,

Memory card is not detected in mobile but it is running in computer with showing data files  by card reader.

so tel me solution about that.

Thanking you.

Nitin dait.

If the card is being seen and read by your computer in a card reader, but not in your mobile device it seems to me you should probably check with the manufacturer of that device as to a possible reason why.

hi sir my  mobile micro sd tm card is  formated  and not open by mobile and compture.i used this memory card before in same computer also in mobile