mobile microSDHC with adaptor not recognized

Purchased the microSDHC 4GB card with Adaptor.  Loaded in the adaptor, not recognized on my PC at all - Windows XP SP2, and when loaded into my phone without adaptor, no recognition as well.   Tech support answers on sandisk site less than helpful as PC requirements are met.  Help?

Can you check if the card is indeed compatible with your phone. Click here.

Check this Knowledgebase article as well.

If it is indeed compatible with your phone and the knowledgebase article above does not apply to your issue, i suggest returning the card back to the store.

Thank you. 

For reference if anyone else runs into the same problem:

My phone is a LG Env2 which is listed according to both LG and Sandisk as compatible.  I needed to take the load the microSDHC drive into the phone, chose the memory folder on the phone, and then remove and replace back into the phone the drive before it finally recognized it. 

I run windows XP SP2 on my computer, one needs to download the microsoft hot fix file and install, after reboot, the SDHC drives are recognized.