help please

basically i have a 2gb micro sd card from amazon last year that works fine but i wanted more memory so i bought the 16 gb micro sdhc card from amazon a a couple of days a go and i first put it in my phone and my phone seems to accept it and now i am trying to access it through my pc through explorer but when i click on the drive which it is in it just freezes i have tried taking it out and putting it back in but nothing is happening any solutions would be helpful here is what i am using at the moment a pc with xp and 512mb ram and 1.8 ghz processor would that affect picking up the card on the computer the adaptor i am using came with my 2gb memory card which say’s micro sd to sd adaptor so would i need another adaptor i did get a message after waiting ages one time i tried it saying something along the lines of I/O device error i have no idea what that means

sounds like the reader on your PC is only compatible with SD cards. to support cards l;arger than 2GB (SDHC) you will need a new reader.