my micro sd card will not work in anything, please help!!!!

i had an 8gb sandisk micro sd card in my htc wildfire, but the phone broke about 2 months ago and i only took the memory card yesterday. i put the memory card in my blackberry curve but it came up with a message saying the card cannot be read. so ive tried to put it into my laptop with 2 different card adapters to see if it works but it doesn’t. i also tried the card in my fujifilm digital camera but it says card error.

this card has got all photos on of my sons first months, and i just want them photos back…

is there anything i can do?!!!?? please help!!

You could format it, but that’s going to erase everything on it. You might be able to use some recovery software after formatting to get the pictures back, but there’s no guarantee.

Look around here on the forum; there’s a few threads on this subject and literally a plethora of photo recovery software recommendations. Do note that most of them cost money though.

What if you are not being able to format it?

@rahulag1997 wrote:

What if you are not being able to format it?

Without any details either about the card (new or old, brand, where bought from, size, etc.), or how you’re trying to format it (Widnows, SD formatting tool, in a player or phone, etc.), no one could even hazard a guess.