"Damaged sd card" cant reformat

I recently bought a 32gb sandisk micro sd card last december 14 2017 and earlier today (jan 3 2018) i noticed my phone suddenly freeze and restarted it then upon restart i can no longer access my memory card it says damaged sd card try reformartting…the prob is i cant seem to reformat it. Every time i hit format memory card on my phone nothing happens and still says damaged sd card try reformatting…i have more than 30k images on it and i want to recover it if possible…honestly i trust sandisk/WD when it comes to external storage (i have 5x wd external hdd and one of them was from 2008 and still works till now) reason why when i decided to buy a micro sd i decided it should be sandisk

What happens when you connect the card to a computer? Can it read it? Formatting the card will erase anything that has been added, so I would only do that as a last resort.

It can be read for a few secs but then says can’t access disk when i try to move my files to the pc

It says parameter is incorrect

I can view the files and compress them in the same drive…but the moment i try to delete or copy or move them the driver would disconnect and says parameter is incorrect

Hmmm, bummer. It’s not sounding promising. :cry:

Hi, Crimson875

Maybe your SD card is write-protected? Did you check it?

Or maybe, there are troubles with drivers… 

Well, here is a nice article “How to save damaged sd card” by DiskInternals company. There are nice working tips. Try it, maybe some of them will help you :wink:

Hi Crimson….as I can see that you want to reformat your damaged SD card but you are unable to do so. Well, in this case, I think I can help you by providing the best steps to reformat your damaged SD card. You can try the methods mentioned in this blog: http://www.rescuedigitalmedia.com/fixed-sd-card-is-damaged-try-reformatting-it