Unable to reformat my Sandisk Ultra micro SD card!

I have been using this Sandisk Ultra 128GB micro SD card for about a year now, for my Huawei Y6 2018 phone. My phone starts to display the message: “SD card damaged. Replace the current card” or something like that. I connected the SD card to my PC via a card reader, and retrieved all the files I need for the card to be ready for reformatting. The problem is that I can’t reformat my card either via phone, PC, or even my camera! On the PC, I have tried reformatting via Windows and Disk Management, but it says “Unable to complete the format”. I have also tried the diskpart in command prompt, to no avail. Tried the 3rd party reformatting tools to no avail too. Tried changing the drive letter too, but didn’t work as well. As of this writing, I’m running chkdsk on my PC, but I’m afraid that after long hours of detecting corrupted files, it won’t be able to fix it, and what a waste of time it is.

I tried deleting all files before ejecting, but when I connect the card to the PC, the files show up! Must be a virus, I guess. But I ran a scan via Avast, and there was no malware detected.

It’s almost the same problem as this one: https://consumer.huawei.com/en/community/details/Repair-corrupted-Sd-card-due-to-virus%28probably-virus%29/topicId_112995/, but unfortunately, no one has responded on that topic. I’m posting on the Sandisk forum since I see no problems with my Huawei phone yet.

I don’t need to recover any files, since I already have backup. The card is supposed to be ready for reformatting. Any solutions that can be worked, or should I already go to my last resort of buying another card? Please help!

Good to hear you backed up your files. :+1:

It sounds like the drive is damaged. Check with SanDisk for a replacement.

Thanks for the reply. The card is already past its 1 year warranty period, anyway. Went for my last resort of buying a new one, so I’m happy for now! :smile:

Happy to hear you’re happy.

But I would try the return to SanDisk option. It doesn’t cost anything to try.