Scroll wheel keeps sticking

The scroll wheel on my fuze keeps sticking. I keep having to blow air into it to make it move. I love my Fuze don’t want to have to spend money I don’t have just to ship it back and fix it, so I’d appreciate any suggestions on permanently unsticking the frequently sticking scroll wheel.

Hey, just found this…

hope it helps!

my wheel is stuck too, and I don’t want to have to buy another Fuze. I’m pretty attatched to mine :slight_smile:

Thanks, but there’s nothing stuck inside the scroll wheel. I’ve already contacted Sandisk Support. They took the whole weekend to respond, then when I replied on Monday, they didn’t respond at all. They’re usually pretty good at responding right away, but not this time.

Sandisk offered to exchange the device (it’s still under 1 year warranty), so that’s what I’m going to do.