Screen too high after firmware update

I was encouraged to update the firmware on my 16GB Clip Sport Plus. I wish I had not. I upgraded to the 2.23B version and now the display is too high. I can barely read the menu name and cannot see the battery indicator at all. Please issue a new update to take care of this. I did sent a message to your support team, but only got a request to fill out a survey in return. Someone else on this forum has the same issue.

Hi @malex47,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the SD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

Same issue here. Did this get resolved. If not their firmware just junked my device.


Exact same problem here. I actually bought 2 of these and after “upgrading” the firmware to 2.23B the screen went wonky. I left my other one alone and found out that the actual firmware version that shipped with the device is 2.24. So SanDisk’s firmware “upgrade” on their website is actually a downgrade.

I submitted a ticket describing all this and I got a response back directing me to the 2.23B download page and they suggested upgrading the firmware? LOL wtf sandisk? Can you read?


This just happened to me, too, ‘upgrading’ my brand-new Clip Sport Plus (32G) from 1.01.B202 to 2.18.B. Bottom third of the screen is like old TV static, top two-thirds is compressed or pushed off the top.
Anyone know if version 2.18B is the latest versionfor the Clip Sport Plus? Is there a central location for SanDisk Clip Sport Plus updates, where the latest version can always be found?

Just received a reply from customer support, regarding the latest version of software for the Clip Sport Plus:

Please allow me to inform you that the latest firmware for the Clip Sport Plus 32 GB Mp3 player is 1.00.

This seems wrong, as the version that shipped was 1.01B202. Is it possible that SanDisk is shipping Sport Clip Pluses with a later version of software than is available for download and installation by users?


Despite what the representative wrote, the version at SanDisk 32GB Clip Sport Plus Firmware 1.01 and Bluetooth B202 Download and Installation Instructions is version 1.01. Reinstalling this version corrects the screen problem.