screen of 4GB clip got dim and dark (unusable)


I havent used my clip in a few months and when I tried ro use it rescently the screen was so dim that it is unusable,

i tried upgrading the firmware and reseting the clip (pressing the power for a few seconds) and it just got worse so now the screen is completely dark.

I’v seen on google a few posts of the same problem that leads to this forum but all of them were deleted…

is the screen dead and needs to be replaced?  I’m not sure if its still warrented (or if I can even find the reciept) and I guess a new screen will probably cost as much as a new clip…

A Clip or Clip+?  The Clip+ only came out last September, and so all still are under warranty, even without a receipt (but act fast, yet this month!).

I have the same problem.

I use my Sandisk Sansa Clip+ 4g mp3 frequently, but just recently the screen faded then went black.

It still plays music fine, but I would like too be able to see the screen.

I tried the “hold the power button for a few seconds” with no luck.

I took it back to Best Buy where I purchased it, but since I couldn’t find my receipt (and stupidly I paid cash for it so the transaction wasn’t in there computers), they said they couldn’t honor the warranty and I was better off buying a new one.

Buying a new Sandisk Sansa Clip + every few months is going to be aggravating, so I hope some one finds a solution soon.

Forget BB (of course they told you that it was better for you to buy a new one, than to get a new one provided to you free-of-charge under the warranty …) and go back directly to SanDisk, as the manufacturer and provider of the warranty.  You shouldn’t need your receipt, as the Clip+ only came out last September, and so the 1-year (in the U.S.) warranty still applies. 

I would contact SanDisk as soon as possible, to obtain a replacement (and avoid a warranty issue, with the lack of a receipt)–before the end of this month.

I would telephone SanDisk Customer Service about this.  In the U.S.:  1-866-SANDISK (726-3475).  And other SanDisk contact information:

edit:  Actually, SanDisk may have introduced the Clip+ on August 31, 2009-- and so I would get back to them on a receipt-less warranty claim as soon as possible, this week, before August 31.  It’s a quick call.