Screen Not Turning On

I purchased a refurbished Fuze 4GB about 6 months ago, and recently the screen is not turning on at all. The device itself turns on - it still plays music - but the screen remains black. This used to happen only occasionally, but lately, the screen has only been lighting up when I plug in my device to my compter, and it immediately goes black afterwards. What might be the cause of this, and is there a way to fix it?

Any help is appreciated.  

I don’t think there’s much hope.

Refurbs are always a gamble–SanDisk doesn’t fix them, so you are at the mercy of the seller, whoever that might be. SanDisk doesn’t guarantee them.

You could try reinstalling or updating the firmware.

But if it’s a hardware problem–as I suspect it is, like a broken backlight–it’s time to look for another player.

The Clip+ apparently uses the same processor as the Fuze, though it puts out less power. You can add a microSD card to the 2GB of this one:

I, myself have a Fuzev2 with a cracked screen. I can only see portions of it. I moved on for a while with newer Fuze+.

However, for sentimental reasons I decided to “revive” the Fuze using Rockbox. Rockbox has a text-to-speech feature intended to make the player usable for the blind. If you have no screen, Rockbox might be a good solution for you.

However, I tend to find that Rockbox spells everything a little too fast for you to figure out what the computer-generated voice is spelling. Also, it mispronounces A’s as I’s. If you don’t want to fork out any money, though, Rockbox might still be a good solution.