Scratch only with music of 128 kbps

Somebody help me?

I used my Sansa m250 for a long time without problems, I usually listen mp3 music with different size of bitrate (the most are 128 kbps). Until I have the problem that when conected the Sansa with the PC can’t see any file (but in the Sansa I can see them). I format the Sansa (FAT) for the first time and i put music files and see them in the Sansa and the PC, but all the music files that are bitrate 128 kbps have a sound with “scratch” (the files are good i tested in other mp3 players and no problem), I format again but always have the same problem. I want to reinstall the firmware (version -3.2.8A) but i can’t get this one, the file in the Sansa site (sdmx3-iv001.exe) have an old one and not permit a downgrade. Please help me. What can I do?


what do you mean by “Scratchy”?

do all songs sound “Scratchy”? or just that one CD? 

You probably cannot see the files on the sansa, because of hidden files or folders.  enable those, or upgrade to WMP11.

All the songs that put in the sans and have a bitrate of 128 kbps sounds scratchy (like old vinyl records).

These time I can’t see the directory where i have the music file, but when i format and then load songs i can see them, but begins the problem of the bitrate.

I want to reistall de firmware. How can I do?

So any songs that are greater than 128kbps sound normal?  What FW is on the player?

Yes, only problem with all the songs that have a bitrate of 128 kbps, no matter where are from. The FW of this SANSA Player M250 is -3.2.8A 

128KBPS MP3, or 128KBPS WMA?

try the other one, and see if the issue still persists

Yes, when i convert the song MP3 128 kbps to WMA 128 kbps, the new song plays good (no scratchy), But i think that this isn’t a solution, because when i purchese it i don’t have this problems

I have the same issue after updating the firmware on my M250 to 2.2.5A  128kbps files that were fine before the update, now sound like they are recorded from old LPs, popping, crackling, etc.

These are all the same 128kbps MP3 files as I was using before, just reloaded after the firmware update.

Is it just me or is the firmware on the m230 supposed to be 2.3.8.xA?

My m230 is

just a thought…