problem with sansa m250..

i hv sansa m250 i purchased it about 5 month ago,it was working very well until i installed the latest firmware 4.1.8a since then i noticed a big difference in the sound quality and gradually the sound decreases i don’t no i tried everything first i formatted the device & reset all the settings into default then i bought a new pair f earphones"sandisk" which make the things more worse as it’s worse than the one i hv …lol…i rlly don’t no whether the problem is with the device or with the earphones…& can i install the old firmware “4.1.08a” or nt>???.i’m thinking of buying a new one bt i’m afraid tht i find it the same,so wht do u think i should do??

Thanks for posting this, i was just about to format mine as well, think i will hold off now.