Sansa m200 General Information

Sansa m200


  • Part number: SDMX3-2048-A18
  • Sansa M200: Users Guide
  • Product type: Digital player / radio
  • PC interface(s) supported: Hi-Speed USB
  • Flash memory installed: 512MB, 1, 2, or 4GB Integrate
  • Included accessories: Arm band, Carrying case


  • FM station preset qty: 20
  • Tuner type: Digital Radio tuner
  • Tuner bands: FM
  • Tuning display: LCD

Digital Player / Recorder

  • Digital Audio Standards: MP3, WMA, Audible, Protected WMA (DRM)
  • Recorder Format: WAV
  • Playback Modes: A-B repeat, Repeat all, Random play / shuffle


  • Battery Form Factor: AAA type
  • Included Qty: 1
  • Estimated battery life: 19 hour(s)

Audio System

  • Sound output mode: Stereo

Cable(s) / Peripheral(s)

  • Cable(s) included: 1x Mini to standard USB cable

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP SP1
  • Connections: 1x Mini to standard USB cable, 1x  3.5 mm Headphones


  • Equalizer factory preset: qantity 4
  • Equalizer factory presets: Pop, Jazz, Rock, Classic
  • Equalizer user preset qty: 1


  • Microphone type: Built-in


  • Headphones type: Binaural Ear-bud Sound

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One small caveat that’s relevant for long mp3 files

Players with firmware 3.x.x can properly organize only up to 99 files for any category such as artist, album, etc.
Transferring more than 99 files results in missing files as “unknown” tags are assigned to certain files in the player.

Players with firmware 3.x.x do not have accelerated fast forward. One needs to press 3 minutes for 30 minutes fast forward.

Players with firmware 4.x.x have accelerated fast forward, but passing the 15 minutes timepoint mark causes a skip to next track

I had a previous m250 that was defective but had version 4.x firmware. I was pleased to see the accelerated FF because 1/2 the time I use MP3s that are around 3 hours long. However, I had to RMA the player and received a player with version 2.x firmware, which I was disappointed to discover does not have accelerated FF. I tried installing 4.x firmware but got a message that downgrading firmware is not possible and I already have the latest firmware. Is there any way I can install version 4.x firmware or is it the case that my m250 would not support it?

Note: I did not experience skip-to-next-track when I noted accelerated FF with my 4.x firmware m250. I was FFing a track around 3 hours and got to near the end in fairly short order.

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Note: I did not experience skip-to-next-track when I noted accelerated FF with my 4.x firmware m250. I was FFing a track around 3 hours and got to near the end in fairly short order.

Unfortunately, can’t switch version numbers like that.

" Unfortunately, can’t switch version numbers like that."

That’s a shame. I’ve been forced to cut up my long MP3s into segments in order to work around this shortcoming.

What is the reason for this? Is the hardware actually different, or do they do this just so they don’t have to deal with people who want to try out different firmware for whatever reason? As it is, Sandisk has complete control over the process. Their firmware updater automatically updates you to the “latest” firmware of the firmware stream particular to your player (2.x, 3.x or 4.x) and doesn’t let you go back to a previous version. If I buy an m250, I have no way of knowing which firmware bloodline I’m getting.  If I read about features in reviews, they may be for a firmware I’m not going to get. It’s a crapshoot, and a vexing and confusing state of affairs.

My M240 was faster with older firmware, I dont remember what was it, but it was much faster than this M240 with 4.1.08 version.

You forgot to add that it may or may not last for a year.  If you are one of the unlucky ones that got to use the player for just a little over a year, you have NO options.  You now own a piece of junk.

I have a Sansa M200 and I plan on using it a lot for recording interviews.  What is the max. recording time, and how much memory should I reserve to allow for max. recording time?


Don in VA

The simple answer is to always keep it empty and ready for recording.  As far as the max possible time, I would find an audio speech recording say ten min. long, play it through speakers, and record it on your 200.  See how many megs that takes by looking at the file size from a host PC, then divide it into the mem capacity of your 200.  I got mine to give as a gift, so I don’t have the manual handy, but also look up the max number of files/directories the unit can handle; that might be the limit you hit in your application instead of direct mem capacity.

Hope this helps.

I have been taking some care to not press my luck by filling my m250 to capacity because I read information here from a user who suffered at least one crapped-out device by virtue of testing the limit. He also had at least one unit go bad when its battery ran down, so I’m trying to change out my battery before it dies. If I were using my m250’s (have 2) for recording, I’d take care not to approach the limit.

I have a Sansa m240 and when I turn it on it freezes up on the start screen, I tried doing a firmware update, but it’s so messed up that my laptop (which is brand new) does not even recognize it asbeing plugged in, this product disappointed me, and I will NEVER buy another.

Hi Oopsy. Well, if it’s in warranty, contact Sandisk and get an RMA. Good luck.

My first m250 was a dud, but got a replacement which has worked well for me for the most part. I bought another, and it too is chugging along OK. I’ve got my fingers crossed. They are dear to me. 

I now have six M200 players…have been collecting them.  I have firmware #'s 3.2.8A,

1.3.0A, 2.2.5A and two of the 4.l.08A versions.  The two 4.l.08A players are the ones that won’t 

keep a bookmark.  I do always press the “pause” button before shutting down so that I can return to the place I left.

If there had been a way to check the firmware before purchase, I wouldn’t have gotten the 4.l.08A players. The others work great, including my M250 which is firmware 2.2.5A.  Never had a problem with anything but the 4.l.08A series

firmware.  I collect audio books on them…that’s the reason for so many and they’re now obsolete, so

easy to collect.  I’ve read this forum from it’s beginning and have thoroughly enjoyed it. 

That’s interesting. I’ve never tried using the bookmarking feature. I like the version 4.x firmware because it supports accelerating fast forward. The maximum volume is lower than my other m250, version 2.x firmware, but I have a workaround, being to increase the volume in the EQ. It wouldn’t be an issue except that I use low efficiency headphones (Etymotics ER4S). I guess it’s really a good idea if you’re going to have multiple m2xx’s to have a variety of firmware.

I’m curious. If I buy another m250 (say at, what firmware is it apt to have? I bought one 7 months ago on Amazon and it turned out to be a 4.x firmware. Any idea what firmware I’m apt to get? I don’t really need another but I figure that one of my 2 m250’s is certainly going to go belly up one day and I’d regret not getting another. They are fairly cheap at the moment ($30) but have no idea when they will be out of stock, probably permanently.

I learned the hard way about the capabilities of the different firmware versions. I have an m230 with 512 MB that I use for audiobooks downloaded from the Unabridged service. The books are in protected WMA format. The m230 worked well, and I loved the fact that it uses AAA batteries rather than an internal rechargable battery, but it only held about two books. To get more capacity I ordered the 2 GB m250. It wouldn’t allow me to download books unless the USB setting was placed to MSC instead of Auto Detect. The books seemed to download successfully but then I ran into the fast forward problem and lack of bookmarking, and eventually complete breakdown and error messages as I kept trying to navigate. I dealt with on-line tech support which made me jump through a lot of hoops like upgrading the firmware, which was already at the latest version, and so on. Tech support finally claimed my firmware was hopelessly corrupted and eventually let me RMA the player. The new one came yesterday and I had absolutely no faith it would work, based on what I’ve read in this and other forums. But lo and behold, the replacement came with firmware 2.2.5 and it works! 

The problem, of course, is that if you’re purchasing a player you have no idea which firmware you’ll get. My first one was from and had the 4.1.08 firmware. It’s too bad that version can’t deal with long file sizes because the accelerated fast forward would clearly be a wonderful feature for audiobooks. But I’d rather put up with the (painfully) slow fast forward on the older versions than to not have bookmarking at all.

I haven’t tried either player with books from; for all I know they may work fine with any of the firmware versions. But for the protected WMA files the 4.1.08 didn’t work.  It would also be nice if Sansa could give this information to tech support, because even though I quoted the experience of others from forums, they never acknowledged that it may be a programming problem.

No way to tell what build or firmware you’ll be getting, as far as I know, unless from a person or place that might open the package and check for you.  I bought the pink Sansa 240 and one silver 240…so color doesn’t matter…they both were the hated 4 series.

I get my audio books from, using the Overdrive Media Console and all works great, unless I use the 4 firmware models…then I’m fighting the no bookmark, return to the start of the chapter, feature.  These are DRM protected files.  They also installed from the Windows Media Player onto the Sansa with no trouble.  All in all, I have been so thankful for my little MP3 players and have used them every single day and not one has failed in at least two years and they get rough use here on the farm, tucked in a shirt pocket, doing heavy work.  

Oh…I forgot to add that I got both #4 firmware players at The Pink and the latest with the #4 firmware(or build) I only paid $10.91, including postage…so they don’t cost $30 anymore…but come to think of it, maybe they only sell the #4 …so I won’t buy there, again.

It’s frustrating. had a two-pack of the 1 gig a week or so ago. The price was good, but I had to pass it up not knowing which firmware they’d have. Sigh.

I haven’t noticed a problem with large file sizes on either of my m250’s, 2.x and 4.x firmwares. I regularly use MP3 files approximately 175 MB in size. What is the issue with large files with the 4.x firmware?