Sanza Fuze + won't play one album to the next

Hi, I am totally new here.

I had a Sanza Fuze that I lost and had to replace but the only one I could find is the new Sanza Fuze +, so I got it, figuring it would work exactly the same aside from the flat touchpad thing which is somewhat inconvenient compared to the old dial and buttons…

I am still learning how to use it and have for the most part got it, however unlike my previous Sanza, it does not play from one album to the next (Say I want to play all my Muse albums in order, NOT on shuffle! ) but will just stop after that album is done. Sometimes I like to skip songs to get to the next album, and I do not have all songs from every album anyway, only my favourites for certain bands.

Is there any way to get all my albums for each band to just play one after the other without shuffling (bleh, you can’t do that with symphonies, etc that just ruins it)? This is sorely disappointing :frowning:

music>move to arist you want but DON’T GO INSIDE IT>press play>enjoy