Help! won't go to the next song..

Just bought sansa fuze+…I downloaded music to it from beemp3 and I can play them all fine, but once 1 song plays, it won’t go to the next one on its own…I have to pick it up and skip to the next one unless its the same artist. I ave shuffle on…what do i do to fix this!

Do you also have Repeat on?

The problem is in your navigation level, actually.  If you look at the bottom of the album art displayed, your queue of songs to be played will display.  For example, navigate to songs , choose one, and tap play.

At the bottom of the display, you’ll see something like 1/128.  In this case, you’re listening to track 1 of 128.  You can swipe to the right or left, and the next song will begin.

If you start at artists , the first level that displays under music , and that artist only has one or two tracks, that’s all you’ll hear in the session.  By swiping to the right, and selecting albums , you will hear just that one album; the queue will be the number of tracks in that one album.

There is a way to build a longer queue, if you select the top one, shuffle all , on the Fuze+.  It will shuffle everything for you.  Don’t want them jumbled up?  There’s a trick.  Tap the center of the pad when a track is playing, then turn off shuffle.  You can then search for your desired tracks within that queue.

Yes, I see how that can be a pain.  The previous Sansas have a top menu option of play all , rather than shuffle.  Perhaps, this might be a future enhancement.  I sure would like it.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: