Skipping to next song

I just bought a fuse the other far so good, only problem seems to be, dose not want to go to the next song in playlist when I press the >>|, yes, I"m very new at this forum stuff so please bear with me. If i"m making any edicut mistakes I appologise in advance. I"m running windows xp pro x64,using, microsofts media player 11. I have formatted my fuse with the player.none of the music is protected(already went through all those to make sure). according to the online directions from sansa concerning the fuse,while a song is playing you should be able to push the >>| button and advance to the next track,not happening. what is happening is its scrolling through all the songs and then gose right back to the same track. I tried to find an answer in the forums before this post but,was"nt able to locate this problem.if anyone has had this problem,or, can direct me to the correct solution it would be greatly appreciated. I cant wait to use it functioning properly.

                                                       hawgdawg, thanks!

What is the format of the song that plays allright and what is it of the songs that it skips over? Are they different, like maybe an un-supported format?

i think i have the same problem. if you look closly while playing the songs are 0 in length a 5 megabite file that has no music according to the player. it’s like it can’t read the meta data because i’ve paused it and looked at the data and it said it had no bitrate (wich it does according to advanced tag editor) so it decides it’s played the whole song and quickly goes on to the next. anyone have any other ideas in fixing this (and orginal poster tell me if this is the same problem you have.)