Sequential playback

I have an 8GB fuze and spent alot of time editing ID3Tags. I edited the tags secifically so that when you goto ALBUMS the music was in a specific order. The problem is that if I pick “say” the 10th album, it plays that album, but does not proceed to the next album automatically. Is there a simple way to do this, or am I asking to much. I know that if I selected PLAY ALL that I could manually thumb through all the songs until I got to where I want to start, but that is rediculously tedious. And don’t tell me about setting up playlists, because that is not an option.

The fuze does not do that. I wish it did. What they have done is allowed you to basically Listen to a CD and then it stops like on a portable CD player. The best I can tell you to do is when you remember the last track is playing you can que up the next album from the Artist or Album menu.

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What is the next album you want it to play? By the same artist? What is wrong with using the go list? With the latest firmware you can put not just songs on it, but an entire album or artist.

I forgot about that. Does it stop at the end of the album there tho?

“but does not proceed to the next album automatically”

I assume that it won’t stop until the end of the go list.

Correct,  the Go List is your friend now.  Press and hold each album you want to add to the list and start the go list ,  it will play all the songs in sequence for the album or shuffle if you prefer.