play all albums choice

The Fuze and the Clip+ have an option in the music menu to play all albums that are on the device. They then play all of the albums in alphabetical order. I don’t see this option on the Fuze+. It is nice for driving not to have to change “CD’s” when one is done to play another one. An unlimited “CD changer” like on the Fuze and the Clip+ would be nice.

There is actually a tweak on this one. Go to Albums and select Shuffle “*Shuffle ALL”. It should now play a song then tap the center key it will go to Music Option. Simply turn off shuffle and it should now play in a alphabetical manner.

There is actually a tweak on this one. Go to Albums or Artist and select “*Shuffle All”. It will randomly play a track, just simply press the center button and turn off Shuffle. It should now continue playing the albums/ artist/genre songs in a alphabetical maner .

Thanks,I tried that and it kind of works. It continues to play that album and whatever ones are left. What i did was to pause the song that was playing after turning shuffle off then I scrolled back to the 1st song of the first album in the alphabet and then hit play. All The albums then played in alphabetical order. Is there any way to quickly go back to No.1? Tapping all the way back is kind of a pain especially if the random choice to begin the shuffle is  249 of 300 songs.

Unfortunately there is no quick way of going back to no.1.

Please bring back the play all option shortcut!!!

Lets just hope thay include that on the next firmware update. :smiley:

As long as we are dreaming, why not have" shuffle all albums" mean shuffle all albums, complete album by complete album not shuffle all songs.