Fuse+ only plays 3 songs

I am a new user of a fuse+. For years, I had an e280. This was a fantastic player but it is in the wind. I have loaded over 1000 songs on this player. How in the blankity blank do I even get them to play. I can play one song only. Here is what I want to do if possible(worked on my e280) I just want all my songs as ONE playlist that I can shuffle continuously on long drives. I do not want to shuffle only among groups or types of music. “I JUST WANT TO SHUFFLE ALL MY MUSIC” I am sorry for the caps but I have just spent 5 hours loading music on this player. I want it to work like my e280. I know the wheel is gone, but there must be a way that a computer ■■■■■ like myself can do this. Can anybody please help me  Thanks

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