Sanza Fuze - Charging Issue?

It seems that one day after I unplugged my mp3 player from my computer that it simply didn’t charge. In fact a few times, whenever I connect it to my computer to charge it automatically turns itself off (if on), and won’t turn on to charge if not on. Thus, not allowing the computer to recognize it either.

Also, on top of that, I am unable to turn off the device normally. Holding the power switch up as normal will produce the power off screen, but after releasing it, the player turns itself back on unless the switch is kept held up.

Is this a cord, issue? A power issue or something to do with the firmware or problems with the devices system?

Hold the sliding power switch in the uppermost position for 20-30 secs. This should reset it.

If it’s still not connecting or charging, then you may indeed have a cord problem.