Sandisk Sansa Fuze + 4GB red dont wan to turn ON. ( Video movie to see whats wrong. )

Hello. I just subscrite here because i buy a Sandisk Sanza Fuze + 4GB this morning.

I make the MP3 Charging Somethings like 4 Hours. And he dont wan to put himself On. When i connect the MP3 Windows recognize good the MP3, I can put my song on the folder, and everythings.

But, when i disconnect my MP3 this one turn off, and dont wan to take ON again.

I try manny things, and i make a movie like this you can better see what is wrong.

Excus me, for my english, btw i’m french.

See the movie here :

I just see something. I dont know if its really important but see : ( I try on another computer and that do the same, laptop/desktop )

It doesn’t appear to be charging. Have you tried any other USB ports or an AC-USB charger?

In your video, I see the screen says, “Connected” but I do not see any charging activity.

Hello, first thanks for your answer.

I try 3 Different USB on my computer, and try to charging on another computer too.

No effect. :s

I think the trouble is really on the battery. I’m going to return it when i go to the shop.

I’m Web Project Chief, Is not an MP3 who can put me in error. I try every **bleep**ing slot i have, On all of my computer. I can’t do more.

@notorious879 wrote:

I think the trouble is really on the battery. I’m going to return it when i go to the shop.


Good idea. It should not be DOA (Dead On Arrival) brand-new out of the box.

I broke the plastic security when you unpacking the MP3, did u think the vendor dont wan to take it back? ( The carton is OK not broking. )

Thanks i’m going to do that.

The charging icon shows that charging is either completed, or that there won’t be any more charging as decided by the Fuze+'s battery management system.  When you unplug, the device should automatically resume operation on the internal battery.  Once unplugged, the display will go blank for two to five seconds, this is normal.   It should then start up normally on its own.  This delay is unique to the Fuze+, other Sansas continue operating without delay.

If it does not start, a bad battery is the issue.  Exchange it under warranty.

I have had previous sansas recover after being lost for the greater part of a year (I have daughters, so finding the little guys is a common thing- I find them in backpacks and jackets, dresser drawers…) and they most often recharge unscathed.  If the lithium call cannot be charged, the Fuze+ will halt charging as a safety precaution if charging cannot be completed.

Bob  :wink: