Sanza Fuze 4 GB screen goes blank and stops playing...

I have this problem, my sansa fuze (4 GB) suddenly stops playing after a few minutes of playing. The screen is blank but the blue led light on the wheel is turned on. I already set the power saver and the sleep to blank ("_ _"). I don’t know what’s happening on my sansa fuze. I’ve only used it for 5 months. I’ve never dropped it not even once. This started happening when i updated my fuze to version 2.02.26P.

There was also one time, like just a while ago (July 1, 2009) when i tried to pause the music but it wont pause. I tried clicking the play/pause button again and again but still it won’t pause even if the sign on the screen is on pause mode ("||"). What i did was just to turn off my fuze just to stop it from playing. Please help.

by the way the battery is full when that happened.