I think my Sanza Fuzeis broken!!!...please tell me im wrong.....

I was listening to my music (as usual) and then it was about to begin the next song and then it just went black and now i cant hear any music and it wont even turn off!!!..ive tried plugging it in to my computer to see if the screen would change, but all i see is a blank gray screen, but the weird thing is that the blue light that surrounds the wheel thing is always on. please tell me if there is a way to fix it!!!

This has happened to me very occasionally (since I upgraded to the 02.02.26 firmware several months ago): the fuze stops playing, the screen is off,and the blue light is constantly lit.

Holding  the power switch in the ‘up’ position resets it. You’ll probably have to hold the switch up for a longer time than is usually necessary to switch the fuze off, just hold until the blue light goes off. It should then switch back on normally.

When you switch back on, it will go back to the music that was playing the last time you switched on, not where it was when it suddenly stopped (this is what mine does). Information somewhere on this forum says that when powered on, the Fuze will restart at the point of the last ‘valid’ or ‘proper’ shutdown.

I’ve had mine over a year and it’s happened where I had trouble getting it to turn on, or hook up the computer.  Happened just recently.

I had to do the “soft reset” (holding the power button up for 30 seconds) twice.  Then it worked fine.

Oh if this doesn’t work, repost your question on the Fuze section and add some addition information (the FAQ sticky post has some questions you can answer so people can help you easier… like version if you can remember, etc).

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If your Fuze is a version 1 Fuze, I’d suggest installing Rockbox. The current build of RB will have your Fuze working as smoothly as a Sony. If you find that you want to install RB, just keep up with the Rockbox thread in this Fuze section. It will provide tips for setting up your RB install.

If your Fuze is version 2, RB won’t won’t work on those yet.