sanza fuze

ok. so i took my sanza fuze apart because it wont turn on when i want it to. and so when i took it apart, i ripped off the face of it to fast and the little ribbon at the bottom came out and so when i was actually able to get it to turn on, the little round control thing wouldnt word.

so i have two problems:

  1. Is there any way that I can get my control “wheel” to work again?

  2. how can i get it to turn on and stay on? because when i actually get it to come on it only stays that way for only about 15 seconds

Nevermind. I got mad at it and tore it all to peices with a hammer so, I have no more need of assistance! (: (:

That was going to be my suggestion. :stuck_out_tongue:

When i was helping to reverse engineer the fuze i pulled out that connector too and ruined a player. Its really easy to do which is why you should not open the fuze unless you absolutely have to.