Front of Sansa fuze fell off

The front of my sansa fuze fell off. (left it at my moms house), and now i cant change songs or move on it or anything. A little copper thing is connected to the controls and is probably why its not working. But i dont know how to put it back on. Pls help.

There are some dis-assembly photos of the Fuze over on the anythingbutipod forum. They might help.

The front fell off?!? These things are put together like tanks. Sounds like someone got rough with it and doesn’t want to fess up.

Yeah, must’ve been Mom. :stuck_out_tongue:

@boazoa wrote:
The front of my sansa fuze fell off. (left it at my moms house) . . .

'Honest son, I didn’t touch it! It was just laying there and I saw the front of it just jump right off!"


I would contact Support.

I have never heard of anything like that happening. Did you drop it or something?

ok…well i will admit that i was kinda being a bit rough with my sanse fuze…and then front came off…and the ribbon thing for the buttons is torn…i was wondering if anyone knew if i could buy a new one from somewhere or something. :)   thanks for your time.