Sansa Fuze

Hi all Ive been bought a Sanza Fuze 8gb player for my birthday, after initially switching ot on its all appeared fine, but after a few minutes the battery ran out, i charged it using my computer.  After finishing i switch it on to listen to the tracks id put on while charging, but everytime i press a button or turn the thumb wheel the screen goes blank.  it comes on again after a few seconds but will go off again as soon as a button is touched!?!?

any ideas anyone, i have tried adjusting the backlight, auto power, have tried returning to original factory settings and have tried the reset but nothing seems to work.

let me know if youve have the same problems or if you know how to sort it out, many thanks

If it was mine, I’d take it back to the retailer & get a replacement…

reload the firmware

Someone else had this problem a little while back. The buttons were shorting out to something. They just took it back and exchanged it for another one. That’s the easiest and fastest way to correct the problem. Screw ups do happen somtimes in the manufacturing process. That’s why there are warranties and return policies.