Blank Screen

Hello My Fuze 4GB has a Blank screen it is being read by my Mac, OSX 10; with all files showing however I can’t get the blank screen off. I tried the soft reset about 40 times, I even reformatted the disk. Please Help. The screen is illuminated but it is blank

I am having the same problem.  I just got my Fuze and when I turned it on the screen is blank.  The  blue light on the wheel lights up.  My pc (XP) shows my music etc, but that’s all.  What is wrong!! Elaine

Meybeh you two managed to pick up some defective units. It happens everyonce in a while.

Have you tried to reformat your Fuze or manually update the firmware?

I just bought my daughter a sansa fuze with the same problem.  It will power up, with blue wheel and symbol, then go white

Just got my 4Gb Fuze. Loaded several songs on it and it froze. Will turn on (blue wheel is alive), but the screen is blank and the device is not recognized by any of my computers. Soft reset did not work. Help!

Put the player in hold by sliding the power switch down and then press the << button while you connect the player. If it gets recognized then run the Chkdsk utility in windows. If there are corruptions let it fix them then disconnect (make sure you do it properly). And then see what happens.

Still nothing, unable to reset or get Mac or PC to recognize the Fuze. Disappointing.

You might just have a defective player.

Try the steps here:

If they don’t work, take it back to the seller.