SansaFuze2gb Problem with turning backlight on


Sometimes when backlight and display turn off and I’m still listening do music, I have to click twice or more to turn display on(or rotate the thumbwheel for few"clicks"). I say ‘sometimes’, because usually it works after one click. In other cases the buttons and wheel work perfectly. Is it a problem with my fuze(I bought it yesterday so I don’t know if it’s broken) or is it normal(or the new firmware will fix it) ?

My firmware V01.010.11F.

Sorry for my English, I tried to write simple and clear…

There are moments when the Sansa will not quickly respond to the press of a key, or the rotation of the wheel.  This is the moment when a new file is being loaded for play.

As luck would have it, as the player goes silent, I often pick it up to see what the next piece will be, and there’s a moment of no response.  This is normal for several models of Sansas, as the e200 and Clip both will do this.

The Fuze also has a different design of scroll wheel, using a magnetic sensor, rather than wiper contacts like the e200.  There are fewer interrupts per rotation with the new scroll wheel design, so users of the e200 will note that the Fuze wheel needs to be spun a bit in comparison.

There is a new firmware available for your Fuze, downloadable here: Fuze 01.01.15 Firmware.  You can install manually, or by using the Sansa Updater.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: