Sansa Updater stopped at 40% over 25 minutes ago

I’m trying to update my new Fuze.  Its a 4G 1.01.11.  The updater offered up 1.01.22 and I accepted.  It has been stuck at 40% since 11 after.  Before it was at 40%, it was at 20%, the display on the sansa said “writing” (I think), it then advanced to 40% and has been there ever since.  Battery was fully charged, its been plugged in for hours prior.  OS is XP Pro, I am logged in at Admin.  No other portable media type devices were plugged in during this process, although I do have an ipod too (not connected).  The Fuze was likely near capacity of MP3s.  I used MediaMonkey to sync with it.  Mode of operation, I do not recall setting, so it may be in default, whatever mode that is (I can’t find out, as I do not want to brick it).

I am not sure what to do here.    I haven’t found a thread that discussed how to resolve this.  I do not want to brick the Fuze.

Help please.


Click the Safely Remove Hardware in the System tray (lower right-hand corner by the clock on your computer’s screen). Un-plug the player. Manually set to MSC mode in SETTINGS > SYSTEM SETTINGS > USB MODE and follow the directions for manually installing the firmware in the Firmware Update Post.

Forget about the Sansa Updater. You’re better off without it. :wink:

I dislike it when threads are not updated, so I owe an update for future users seeking help.

Tapeworm, I know the safely remove hardware icon in the tray you spoke of, but it just was not there.  I left the PC powered up al night and left the Sansa plugged in.  In the morning it was in the same state.  There was still no option to safely remove hardware.  I just disconnected it at that point.  Something changed on the display screen on the payer, IIRC it indicating it was installing the updated firmware, then it rebooted.  Luckily, all has been well with the player since. 

I will perform the manual option you refer to the next time I update the firmware.


Glad to hear it seems to be working OK for you! :smiley:

It’s possible that you might have had a display hang up during the process, with the update successful in the background.  It’s good that you were patient in allowing the device some time to attempt completion, just in case.

Another possibility is that you might have had limited available space on the device for the firmware installation.  When making changes, I like to free 200MB, plenty of headroom, for testing and firmware transfers.  The space can always be filled afterwards.

I’ve gotten into the habit of watching that capacity, and keep it around the 200MB mark anyway.  At the least, adding an album for a listen is possible, or a new book, so space is a good thing.