Confused about firmware

A few weeks ago, preparing for a trip, I wanted to take my Sansa Fuze+ that hadn’t been used lately.  So I charged it up, updated the firmware, moved some music onto a new 8GB memory card, added some new music to the unit, and headed off on my trip.  When I went to use it it was completely dead, resonding to neither the power button nor being attached to my computer.  I put it away until after the trip.

Today it still would not start using the on button.  I removed the memory card and connected it to the computer and left it.  Eventually it woke up!  The Sansa Fuze+ application opened on the computer (Windows 7) and said the battery was at 0% charge - it had been fully charged before the trip and not actually used at all.  It also said there were unspecified updates available.  I told it to update.  Eventually, with the screen just showing Connected and the charging underway, I unplugged it.  The Starting cycle started, and eventually a message appeared that the firmware had been updated.

Since I was sure I updated the firmware just a few weeks ago I got curious.  I see that 02.38.06 came out in mid-July.  The Properties window of the connected device says 02.38.06 A.  Note the A suffix.  Is this a new firmware version since I (believe I) updated in mid-August?  The Sansa Updater says it is running 2.38.06, without the A suffix.

Thanks for any clarification you can provide.

RH in CT

All the ‘A’ stands for is America. Sounds like this is what you selected as your ‘region’ after updating the firmware.

Makes sense.  Thanks!