New Sansa Fuze+ but all transfers hang

I downloaded the updater, used it, it hung on updating the firmware at 50%. Unplugged player after 10 minutes.

Downloaded the firmware update directly, unzipped the sb file, dragged and dropped (in automatic mode) to root. It hung.

Changed to msc mode. It hung.

Both times, however, the file actually seemed to transfer to the player, but Windows Explorer freezes and won’t close until the player is disconnected.

That’s fine and all, but when I try to use the SMC, guess what…it hangs. Only this time, no file is transferred at all. Hangs at the same spot every time, too. Is this a typical problem?

Also, the automatic updater can’t seem to tell that I have updated the player :frowning:

The other thing is, when I bought it, I really bought it for movies. I saw it supports h.264. They should *really* mention it has to be in .mp4 format. I thought I wasn’t going to have to reencode my files, but I will. And, the player has to go back anyway…because it has a dead pixel *and* two other spots that look like water drops. :cry:  Not sure what to do about the file transfers. I hope this unit is faulty. I have no issues with other players.

Guess no one knows, oh well. I’ve already spent over four hours again today tryng to get it to work.

All files hang writing to it, and the firmware, even the updater. It hangs every single time at 55%. So, no one else has ever run across this? I just don’t want to bring it back for exchange if I don’t have to, the screen defects are not *that* bad, but obviously not being able to update the player is a problem.

Any solutions?

I’m only responding because no one else has.  I doubt I can help.

Per the instructions on the firmware update make sure your battery is charged over 50%.

If you still can’t get it to work, try formatting the player and try again.

You waited less than a hour for a reply. Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t a chat room; one sometimes has to wait for someone to respond.

I’m not sure what the hanging problem is caused by, but with a defective screen (no matter how slight), I’d return it to your dealer for another one. :wink: