Sansa screen become white almost always

Hello, the screen of my sansa e260v2 becomes white almost always. When i turn it on the screen is normal and i can listen music, but when i want to change song or something and the screen turns on again it becomes white. Sometimes i can turn off the player and some seconds later turn it on again and the screen is good, but again when i want change song or something it becomes white. And sometimes, even restarting the player the screen keeps white. Just few times when i change song or something the screen keeps normal.

I have windows vista in my compaq hp laptop and xp SP3 in my pc, and i use the player in both. The player is a e260v2 with a 4gb memory and it have an 8GB extra micro memory. I have been looking for an answer and i have tried possible solutions like: Format the 4GB and the 8GB memory and then install the latest firmware in the root directory of the player. And i already restart the player holding the menu button for 15 seconds. 

I hope you can help me please.

Greetings and thanks.

Sounds like you have a hardware problem which unfortunately, cannot be fixed.