Sansa SanDisk Clip+, is there any hope or is it done for?

I’m a complete nubie at forums but you are my last resort. Sorry:smiley:

Several months ago my sansa sandisk clip+ wouldn’t accept any songs even after clearing everything off. It said disk was full.

I went online for help and did some things like reformating?? I remember trying to download firmware but don’t think I got that far. Unfortunately I can’t remember exactly what I did. But whatever I did it caused the following message to appear “FAT is corrupted. Please connect device to PC…” When I plug it into the Mac, the icon is labeled “Reformat.” I open it up and there is nothing in it. When I try to get to the menu on the device, I can’t get past the above message when unplugged or the running arrows displaying it’s connected when it’s plugged in to the computer.

Anyhow, like I said, I’ve looked for help everywhere but here so let me know what you think. Perhaps it’s unfixable.


Find a friend with a PC and plug it in. If it asks “MPC?” say yes.

The device should just appear as a drive letter. Make sure you’re clicking the right device, it will probably be called “Sansa” something or the other. Right click the drive letter and choose “properties” at the bottom to view the properties. Keep looking around with clicks and right clicks and you’ll see “format.” If it asks, try “FAT32” because your device is more suited to that file system format type.

I’ll subscribe to this thread. If you have an issue just reply and I’ll chip in the best I can.

thanks a lot

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