Sansa Clip+ 1Gb FAT Corrupted.

HI, I bought a SanDisk 1 GB Sansa Clip MP3 Player more than one year ago, and now when I turn it on it says “FAT is corrupted, Connect device to PC”.

When this message appears windows can’t recognise the MP3. If I hold down the “center”  button and connect to the USB windows detect a new partition of  4 Mb of capacity (yes, 4 Mb ¡¡¡), and I can’t format it anyway.

The day before that I was having severals hangs up, especially when I connected the MP3 to the PC. So I decided to format the MP3, but something went bad and windows reported me an error. Now, after thatI can’t even turn on the MP3 (FAT corrupted).

Any solution? I’m desperate.


The 4MB disk usually means theres a hardware problem with the flash memory.  I don’t know of anyone who has managed to fix a player with it.