FAT corrupt

My Sansa Clip Zip has a message: FAT is corrupt, connect device to PC and recover FAT. 

Sansa Clip will not turn off whether connected to port or not.

When connected to port it does not show up on PC control panel

You could first try holding down the power button for over 30 seconds to reset the player. See if it shuts off then, and if so, try connecting it to the pc.

If not, you might need to format the player using the player’s menu and delete all the files stored on the player. If you  have backup copies of the files on your PC,and can do this, then go ahead with the format. After that, you should be able to connnect the player and reload the files. Before connecting and reloading, if you never use protected files, then you should set the USB mode on the player to MSC. It is in the system settings. 

Thanks. I did manage to turn it off. I’ll try your suggestion.