Sansa Rhapsody e280r not working

I have 3 Sansa MP3 players e200r series and all bought at different times and all working until about 4 months ago.  I updated my players using Sansa firmware update and since that time I have the same problem with all 3 players.  The wheel illuminates but the screen is black.  Even the logo comes on and i get a message that the battery is low, however, when I plug them into PC nothing happens.  Is this due to new firmware incompatibility with these players. 

Maybe. Did you install the correct firmware for the player?


I just got the newest firmware released today and now when I drag a channel onto my view in Rhapsody, I get the + sign now instead of the circle with the cross through it. I assume this means channels might work… Im going to try to load some tonight when Im off to sleep… Update in the morning!