Rhapsody says my e200r is authorized but the player says it's not.

I was told by rhapsody support to update the player but the updater has no updates so I need to know how to update the player so that I can use it on rhapsody.

You dont need an update. From the main menu go to Settings > Mode and switch it to PlaysForSure and deauthorize it. Disconnect the Sansa then switch it to Rhapsody mode then try to authorize it again.

also I have the Altec Lansing IM510 Speaker System and I noticed there was a port in the back to plug in a cable and I was wondering if I could use that to plug in another mp3 player that I have and what cable I would need any help would be appreciated.

thanks for the help but it didn’t work any other ideas?

First, be sure that you have a Rhapsody Sansa, if it’s an e200R.  Turn on the e200.  You should see two splash screens, first, the SanDisk logo, then a Rhapsody logo.

If this is the case, then go to Settings > USB Mode > Rhapsody.

Then plug in, open the Rhapsody client, and log in.  In the souces pane, right click on the Sansa, and select authorize.

In the Rhapsody screen, click on Tools > Preferences > Library, then select “let Rhapsody decide the format for subscription tracks”, or if you’ll only be using the e200R, you can set the client to download RAX format audio for the device.

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In addition, E200R will work with both modes, Rhapsody and PLaysForSure. PlaysForSure doesnt support channels tho

i did all the fixes and Rhapsody told me that sansa no longer supports the software because the unit is so old. (2 years is old in tech time I guess.) This makes me angry because it works just fine. Rhapsody said they have asked Sansa for a software patch, but so far Sansa has been uncooperative (see 1st sentence).  I have to switch to Playsforsure mode and then reload all 1300 tracks that I lost.

I have spent at least 2 hours on this problem so far.