Sansa player cant play all mp3 songs


I’ve just received my Sansa clip+ player and downloaded approx. 60 mp3 files to it. I can see all the songs in the player, however some mp3 files wont playback correctly, they are lagging while others work fine.

I also have the problem with laggning effect when increasing the volume, and yes the first thing i did b4 even starting the player was to update its firmware.

I can live with the volume part, but what is the diffrence between the mp3 files? It doesnt seem to be specific to any bitrate, for eg. an mp3 with 320 bitrate might aswell work or lagg compared to another one also with 320 bitrate.

Without knowing the source or more about how or with what program these files were ripped, I couldn’t hazard a guess. One thing I can tell you though, is if the ID3 tag isn’t correctly filled out or the wrong format, or if it has extremely large embedded album (or cover) art in it or the Comments field is loaded with extraneous garbage, that could cause issues.

mp3tag    is a free Windows program and a good way to fix tags.

Allow it to add itself to context menus–option while installing. 

Under Tools/Options/Tag/Mpeg set Write to ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1 and save that as the default. 

When you have an album (as files in a folder) right-click the folder, choose mp3tag to open it. Highlight all the files. If you see anything in the Comment field change it to ,<blank.> option, which is at the top of dropdown menu, and Save tags. Bye-bye comments. 

 Make sure the files are in playing order from top to bottom, highlight them all, go to Tools–Auto-Numbering Wizard and choose Leading Zeroes and run it. That will make sure the Sansa can read your track numbers (01, 02, otherwise it would play 1, 11, 12, 13, 2, 21, 3, etc.–reads the first digit). It will also make the tags easily readable to the Sansa. 

While the tags are highlighted, the cover will show up if it is inside the tag. If the cover is inside the tags, under View go to Extended. Highlight all the files again and click on the little floppy disc icon near the right side. That will copy the image as folder.jpg (or whatever its file extension is, .png, .bmp). Then click the X to get all the copies of the cover out of the tags. Saves space, makes the Clip run smoother–good news all around. 

This sounds complicated but it takes about 30 seconds per album—that’s if you have to remove the cover art–and it is well worth the time. If you’re not dealing with Comments or inserted art, Auto-Numbering takes about 5 seconds or less.