Problem With My Sansa Clip +

I have a problem with my brand new Sansa Clip +
With 3 of my albums it doesn’t work properly; It needs up to 10 seconds from 23 seconds to change song.
What Should I do?
Should I bring the mp3 back?
Ps: I tried to move all the files to my 8gb san disk card (class4) and nothing changed, and I also deleted all my files but with no result.

It is having trouble reading the tags. Usually that means something huge is imbedded in the tags. Some people put high-resolution album art in every track, or giant Wikipedia entries in the Comments.

The Sansa reads each tag before playing the song. If there are giant images or other stuff in the tag, it stumbles over them. You don’t need that junk within each song. Sometimes a hi-res image doubles the size of the file.

First, take the albums that are giving you trouble off the unit so you can fix them on your computer.

If you are on Windows, get the free program mp3tag.

Download the filename thats mp3tag(version)setup.exe, not the big green Download buttons.

When you install mp3tag, allow it to Add to Context Menus.

Open mp3tag and go to Tools/Options/Tags/Mpeg and set the Write default to ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1. Those are the tags Sansas like best.

Go to an album folder, right-click on it and choose MP3tag to open it.

Highlight all the files. Does an album cover appear?  Go to View/Extended Tags. Hit the little floppy disc icon and MP3tag will save the album cover as (xxx is the filetype–usually .jpg, sometimes .png) within the album folder.  (The Clip doesn’t show album art, but other players will use folder.jpg to show an album cover.) Then hit the X button to remove the art from within each tag.

If the album cover doesn’t show up with all the files highlighted, highlight them one by one to see if it pops up. Also, examine each tag for other stuff, like giant Comments  (you can highlight the whole album and use <blank> to erase all of them at once), bizarre alphabets, superlong titles or filenames, etc.

While you’re in there, make sure the files are listed top to bottom in playing order, highlight them all and go to Tools/Auto-Numbering Wizard. Choose the Leading Zeroes option. This will make the track numbers 01, 02, etc., which Sansa prefers.

I do this with every album before sending it over. Although this explanation is long, it takes about 30 seconds to clear off the art and about 5 seconds to fix the track numbers, and it makes every album run smoothly.

If you’re on Mac, kid3 is a tag editor; for Linux, Easytag. Unfortunately, neither of them is quite as Sansa-friendly as mp3tag. 

And, wherever you’re getting the albums from, you might tell them not to clutter up the tags.


Thank you, but for some reasons the program doesn’t work in my computer.
Tomorrow im going to my friend house and download it on his computer.
I will let you know If it worked, thank you again.

Ok I tried and it doesn’t work.
I will try to put Rockbox