sansa not recognize (win7)

So I have had this sansa for a long time…couple years ago it would charge and today I randomly had the urge to try something…and it charges now…but it doesnt connect to the computer

Turn on the player and go to settings, system settings, USB mode, and set it to MSC. I think it will connect in MSC mode, but you may not see the music in the player on your pc. The easy way to sove this(assuming you have copies of the music on your pc) is to format the player using the player’s menu(settings, system settings, format-which deletes all the music on the player) then connect the player and copy the music to the player again.

I cant copy any music to the player since I cant connect.

I already formmated but I dont have copies of the same music I had…I have new music

Go to the support page for Sanza Fuse,and download the update for it, and install it, then WIN7 should recognize it.

I have tried all the above and nothing works…when I plug the device into the USB, it says “USB device not recognized”. I have a WIN7 Sony Vaio laptop.

Try forcing the unit into MSC mode, the generic USB connection.

Hold the power slider up for 15-30 seconds, longer than you think, after the screen goes black to fully turn off the unit and partly reset it.

With the unit still off, slide the power slider down until it clicks into Hold position. You’ll see a little orange dot.

Connect the USB end of the cord to your computer. Open Windows Explorer (Computer).

Hold down the << side of the wheel and connect the Fuze connector to the unit. It should pop up in Windows Explorer.

Don’t use a hub or usb extension cord. If your pc is a  desktop, then plug the player into a rear usb port.  If your player is a notebook, then plug in the notebook first before connecting the player. Try connecting with the player set to msc for the usb mode.