Sansa MP3 player is not working


I bought the Sansa MP3 player recently. I worked for couple of days. Now when I start it shows initial Sandisk log and stops there…I am not able to do anything thing…Even after connecting to the computer I am not able to view the data…Please suggest how to fix this issue…

Thanks in advance.

What model of Sansa is it? A fuze? a View? Please provide more information so we can help you.

I had the same problem with a sansa e 260 and still not resolved.

I’m though not sure how to charge it. I have the cable with USB to the computer but I don’t think this is enough to charge it !!

i have a sansa express blk 2gb and it charged fine the first time ran great for 6 hrs then quit when i tried to recharge it the screen wouldn’t light up i wasn’t able to see the little dog going back and forth. i let it charge overnight and still nothing in the morning tried again during the day w the cable provided and still nothing…yes my computer was on the whole time and yes i’m sure it was connected the screen lit up for a second then went black won’t work with headphones nothing seems to make the menu come up or music play…help?

try to press the menu button as hard as you can