Sansa Media Converter on Linux?

Is there such a posibility?  Does it exist?  If not, what can be done to convert files to use on a View?

SMC does not work on Linux.  I was not able to get it working in WINE or Codeweavers.  Maybe someone else has, and if so, please let us know :slight_smile:  

Your best bet with Linux is to run VirtualBox or VMware and get XP running that way.  USBs work 100% (after a little fussing with Ubuntu, if that is your distro).  You can run SMC that way.  Yeah, it isnt Linux friendly.  Sorry…


TY!  I did finally read the post in another forum giving the correct format options for ripping/converting videos for my view in the view forum…it’s there for beginers like me!  Yeah it’s ubuntu too…:womanvery-happy::womanvery-happy:

These related threads brought me to the video4fuze solution which allows video to be converted for Sansa Fuze on ubuntu.  Confirmed the conversion myself.

Hope this helps.

This is what I want to know, glad i’ve read this. So helpfu.