Linux Video for Fuze

I have searched the forums and gotten not much answers. Lots of questions - how do you in linux get video that will work on the fuze?

I tried installing SMC through wine - doesn’t work… :( 

I am now trying to install a VBox with XP and see if I can get it to work…

The snag is that I can’t get the Vbox to recognize the fuze… with SMC run without the FUZE plugged in - like can I convert the files and then copy them to the fuze myself?

Also what about pictures do these also need to be converted to work on the fuze?

Thanks in advance all

I’ve had the same problems. SMC doesn’t work in wine, I’ve already tried. I haven’t tried it in a VBox, so I don’t know. Pictures can just be jpg files and they will work. Also, the Fuze has the be plugged in or else the SMC will refuse to convert. Video have to be converted on a Windows computer with the SMC, but Sansafix has said that in a future firmware update, you will be able to convet videos with any program, so I’m just waiting!

I tried putting jpg on - says unrecognized format… maybe the resolution is too high… :frowning: It is 1200x1600 -  maybe I should reduce it … what does the fuze accept?

The native Fuze resolution is 220 x 176, and images that size definitely work. I don’t know what the upper limit is - does anyone?

If you’re willing to try Qemu, I can link you to a guide to use the Fuze in Windoze.

We have a Linux home, but I managed to use VMware to boot an XP image, installed SMC, fiddled with the USB connection for hours, and managed to finally put a video on the device “Howls Moving Castle”.  Video managed to get on there, bad news is the audio is horribly out of sync as the movie goes on.    

I would appear that even after all of that effort, the video playback of the fuze is subpar with the current software anyway.

1.Howls Moving Castle is a great movie

  1. I am still baffled as to why anyone would want to watch a movie on such a small screen, it boggles my mind.

I know people do and they want to…that just blows me away. I don’t even watch stuff on my 17" laptop. I convert movies to DVD iso format and then burn them to watch on the TV. After I have seen it I just throw away the DVD.